Arf Pets Pet Dog Cat Self – Warming Heating Mat Pad for Beds Crates and Kennels with Soft Polyethylene Foam Core – Available in Wide Variety of Sizes

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Soft and Safe Polyethylene Foam Soaks Up and Then Re-Radiates Body Heat
Luxurious Fleece Cover Provides Superior Comfort While Helping Trap Warmth
Wide Variety of Sizes Available to Fit Every Pet – From Gerbils to Great Danes

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Product Description

A self-warming bed in your very best friend.Those long cold nights are a thing of the past way to Jumbl’s Pet Warming Mat. Lined with a decadent fleece cover, the mat’s polyethylene core soaks up your pet’s natural body heat and returns it back to them in a constant cycle, keeping them warm and comfortable on even the coldest nights. Easy to scrub and to be had in a variety of convenient sizes, this self warming mat is the very best addition to any pet owner’s home. Pamper your pet with the most productive night’s sleep ever enjoyed – and you’ll be able to sleep better too.

    Luxuriously Soft Core
    From the instant your pets lay down of the mat, the high quality polyethylene foam soaks up their body heat and returns it right back to them. After a day of playing catch or batting balls of yarn, a good night’s sleep is the most productive care ever.
    Fit for an Alpha Dog
    Why will have to humans get all of the comfort? Our self-warming pet mat transforms any cold kennel, crate or pallet into a sumptuous feast for the senses, with wealthy fleece cradling your pet as they slip off into a warm, secure, and highly comfortable sleep.
    No Pet Left Behind
    With our small (14″ x 22″), medium (21″ x 31″), and large (32″ x 48″) mat sizes, we’re out to ensure no pet is left within the cold. Were given an adorable baby bunny rabbit with velvet-soft floppy ears? A pet tiger, most likely? We have Were given you covered.
    Low-Maintenance Care As a pet owner you understand how pet odors stink… Our self-warming pet mat makes cleaning a total breeze: Simply wash the froth core with soap and water. It is so simple, your Cocker Spaniel may do it, depending on how well trained she is 🙂
    Built to Last and Last
    At Jumbl we proudly stand in the back of our products, which might be all the time crafted of high quality materials for a few years of happy use. Your purchase is safe by a one-year warranty, so you’ll buy and use our pet mat with peace of mind.

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